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Today is Nov 19, 2019
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They are still many cash-rich property investors out there repeatedly asking this question, "when will the property cooling measures, like the ABSD and TDSR measures, going to be eased ?"    This group of investors believe that if cooling measures can be brought in,  they definitely will be eased or removed one day.   The big question is, when will that be ?    

On the other hand,  the ones that have gone ahead and bought, or actively looking for a good buy in a "buyer's market",  believe the cooling measures are here to stay, or unlikely to be tweaked enough to be of any impact on the market.    This latter group of investors probably have the following reasons to believe so:-

1.   Easing cooling measures will have an effect of encouraging cash-rich investors to rush in to push up demand, hence causing property prices to shoot up again.

2.   Despite the cooling measures, developers' prices have not come down substantially.    New launches are slower to sell out, but buyers are just taking a longer time to soak up all the units. 

3.   Land bid prices are substantially (and can be said to be quite crazy in today's market)  higher than previous years, which then force developers to fix much higher selling prices next year (2018).   So, waiting to buy next year, could mean buying at a much higher price.

4.   Many have come to accept that if GST has become a permanent component in retail goods' and services' prices,  and if COE has become a component of vehicle prices,  then it is not surprising to ABSD form part of a permanent feature in property prices.   

Whether you belong to the first or latter group of investors, the prospect of more substantial downside to property prices seem less remote,  if one subscribe to the factors above.    So, while there are still many cherries on the tree,  you might as well enjoy "cherry picking" while you still can.

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