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Today is Dec 14, 2019
Ben Ong
Associate Senior Sales Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3010738A / R041385F
Call (+65) 9765 4329

mobile phone : (+65) 97654329

Awards :-

Top Producer 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

I started as a full-time real estate agent in late 2011, when the property market was beginning to slow down with the advent of a series of cooling measures, commencing 30th August 2010,  to contain the property bubble from getting bigger.     

Against friends' advice (that it was the wrong timing for new agents to come in at that time), I somehow made it through with sheer patience, commitment and focus.

Real estate is a recession-proof business.  Good or bad times, there will definitely be buyers, sellers and tenants.    

Sellers/Retirees/Downgraders cash out.  Some are forced to cut their losses (force sell) due to financial instability or contain their exposure, especially servicing high mortgage loan.    On the other hand, cash-rich investors look for good buys, especially during when market is weak.  

At all times, there are those who need to find new homes to start new families, those who made it to upgrade, and those who retire to downsize etc etc etc.

Is it true that real estate sales is easy money ? Absolutely untrue !   There is no such thing as "easy money" in any business or profession.

However, real estate sales can be more rewarding than in many other ways of earning an income, if you have what it takes - Patience, Endurance and Humility.

Is that all it takes ? No !   This is a business which requires one to expect the unexpected, to be multi-skilled, to be extremely resilient to infrequent and irregular flow of income, and most importantly to have a positive mindset in the face of situations where things look like disappointing and failing.

You are not finished from frequent disappointments and failures; you are finished when you give up from overcoming disappointments and failures.

You want me to explain ?  Call me.  Coffee is on me.




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